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The pay: the most exciting part

How much can you make as a camgirl?

Is it really possible to make a good or even great salary? Don’t forget that your income is going to depend on your performance. It won’t come easy. Long gone are the times when all you had to do was show off your body in front of the cameras and money kept pouring in. As in any other job, you will only be able to achieve your goals if you are consistent and dedicated. If you have the right attitude, and enjoy what you are doing, then sooner or later this will be reflected in your bank account as well. Many girls make a good living easily and they have more than enough to live on and even save up. It is a great advantage of this job that you can work from the comfort of your home and make your own schedule.
In the following sections, you will find advice on what to keep in mind if you would like to be successful and make a good living.
Don’t expect to earn a lot right from day one. You will need to settle into the routine, learn the tricks of the trade, figure out how to keep your guests in the chatroom and in front of the camera. Don’t worry, it won’t be as hard as it looks at first glance, you will settle down quickly. As time passes by, you will have more and more fans, your casual visitors may soon turn into regulars who will peek into your chatroom and line your pockets with nice sums of money. Your earnings will depend on the opportunities you take. Let’s see a list of the possibilities.

At first, your guests will see your profile. They choose girls to chat with based on the images and introductions they see first, so obviously it is essential that your profile is interesting enough to attract and keep their attention. We advise that you share several photos and videos. Guests who find your profile interesting enough will enter your chatroom. You will need a personalised, attractive profile with eye-catching photos and videos. A boring profile will not get you anywhere.

Sell your photos and videos through your profile

It is a great source of income that besides live chat you have the opportunity to sell sexy photo albums and videos of yourself. You can make the relevant settings on your profile.
This way you can make money even when you happen to be offline doing something completely different, as your guests can download these any time from your profile. These photos and videos will also help you to attract guests’ attention, as it is quite likely that sufficiently aroused men will visit you live as well. It is not really difficult to edit attractive and eye-catching videos and photos. It is part of our service package to help you with the technical aspects of recording and editing your material. Please keep in mind that videos and photos need to contain hardcore, adult material, otherwise it is nearly impossible to sell them or they won’t even be activated on your profile- The reason for this is that dissatisfied customers who feel they didn’t get their money’s worth will come to us to complain and we need to prevent that.

As you can see, your earnings depend on a lot of things and it is impossible to predict an average income. Some camgirls make 15-30 euros per hour and they are completely satisfied, while others earn as much as 100 euros per hour. It is up to you to make the most of your possibilities.

How you get paid

We pay camgirl earnings twice a month. The commissions and earnings made are transferred to your bank account. You can keep track of your earnings and statistics all along, nothing is kept secret from your eyes. Transparency is key for us, as this is the only way to establish trusting and long-term cooperation with our staff and clients.

  • What kind of camgirl should I be?

    What kind of camgirl should I be?

    What kind of camgirl should I be?
    What’s the right kind for me? You certainly don’t want to get lost in the crowd, so you need to think over in advance what your selling point is going to be. Have a look at these camgirl types so you find what is the most suitable for you. Pro, Virgin, Model, Party, Slave, Fetish, Domina.
    Whichever type of camgirl you decide to be, it is important that you specialise and find your own voice and style.
  • How to choose a screen name?

    How to choose a screen name?

    How to choose a screen name?
    It’s very important that you choose the right screen name or performer name. Take your time, don’t rush this decision! Several service providers make it extremely difficult or even impossible to change your performer name later on. As a professional, your name will become your trademark. This is how your regulars will know and refer to you, and as your popularity grows, even google you.
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