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It’s a bright sunny day - get outdoors

Broadcast from outdoors and give your guests a special experience: an amazing, sexy show out in nature. If you aim to be a high profile camgirl who is unique and entertaining, you need to ask yourself from time to time: “What special services can I provide for my guests?” So, how can you spice up your broadcasts? Our suggestion is: get outdoors. These broadcasts are pretty special so you can count on plenty of extra attention.

In the summer, beaches and outdoor swimming pools are crowded and it is easy to wear skimpy clothes, so outdoor shows are a refreshing new spectacle at this time. Believe us: our guests are going crazy about outdoor broadcasts. They are really seductive, as most men are aroused by taking a sneak peak and stalk others.
Before you get excited and hop into your car, you need to stop and think. Take careful note of the following so you can have a successful first outdoor broadcasting experience.
Outdoors doesn’t simply mean a shaded garden or balcony. You need to explore exciting places nearby. An ideal time to explore is a sunny weekend when there are many people outdoors. If you can find a quiet, secluded place even at peak times, then you have reached your goal, as you can almost make sure that there won’t be any surprise visits from hikers or piknik parties stumbling upon your show.

If you have found a place that looks perfect, get out your mobile phone and check the internet connection. If there is good signal and you have 3G or 4G connection then it’s perfect. For your broadcast, you will need your mobile phone or mobile internet access hooked up to your laptop.

Broadcast a special show from the woods. If your laptop has built-in webcam then all you need is your laptop. Of course, if you have a separate webcam that you can move to different spots and get interesting angles then it is even better. It is exciting how you can change the perspective by mounting your webcam in the trees. Both with a built-in camera and a separate webcam, you need to consider battery time. You won’t find a plug here so make sure you have a full battery for your laptop and mobile phone, or bring extra batteries. The investment you need for extra batteries will bring a return quickly.

If you don’t want to get hurt by sharp rocks and twigs, bring a blanket or mat to be spread on the ground. In addition, you probably also need suncream to protect against strong sunlight. It’s easy to get burnt so badly that you can’t even move the next day so do be careful.

Forget about your usual camgirl outfits. You won’t need your sexy lingerie, corset and the like. Put on a mini skirt with a sexy top or a bikini. Your aim should be to make your guest feel like he is watching you secretly from behind a nearby bush. Do you think a hiker going for a swim is going to wear lingerie with fine lace? Your broadcast should be realistic, but of course, it can be playful and fun at the same time. For example, vibrators are still fun to use outdoors.

Your chosen spot should be absolutely off the beaten track. You could gain an exciting experience from a real-life onlooker showing up all of a sudden, but maybe this is not your ideal scenario. You could appear like you are just sunbathing, reading or watching a movie. It doesn’t cost much to buy a portable DVD player that you can charge from your car battery.

In the heat outdoors, you may get hungry and thirsty quickly, so don’t forget to take along food and drink, otherwise your enthusiasm and strength will fade away quickly and you won’t find a cafe or diner right around the corner.

If you are not shy, you may try a busier location. The excitement of maybe getting caught any minute is thrilling, like in a park, beach, quiet side street, or even a library. In busy public areas such as libraries, however, you need to observe carefully if there are any CCTV cameras in operation. We have the feeling that you don’t want security personnel to enjoy a free broadcast, or to be charged with indecent behaviour in public. In such public areas, most camgirls only flash their miniskirts or tops and show flesh for a couple of seconds, which have a really seductive effect, building up excitement and tension in a natural looking way. Your guest is eager to see what happens next while a casual passerby won’t even have a clue what is happening.

Wherever you are, take extra precautions that children and others who may find your activity disturbing do not stumble upon your broadcast. These situations may turn out to be especially amusing and bring extra income for you, but you definitely don’t want to end up in police custody as a result.

Nevertheless, this is also a great opportunity to take exciting photos and videos, which you could offer to your guests for sale later on. Outdoor broadcasts are popular for sale and you can also have a great time shooting them.

  • How to choose a screen name?

    How to choose a screen name?

    How to choose a screen name?
    It’s very important that you choose the right screen name or performer name. Take your time, don’t rush this decision! Several service providers make it extremely difficult or even impossible to change your performer name later on. As a professional, your name will become your trademark. This is how your regulars will know and refer to you, and as your popularity grows, even google you.
  • How to keep my anonymity?

    How to keep my anonymity?

    How to keep my anonymity?
    New camgirls are always worried about this issue: how to keep their anonymity? Not everyone leads a lifestyle or has a background that makes it possible to simply ignore any negative consequence of being a camgirl. It is essential that you are not recognised by people around you in your everyday life, such as family members, colleagues or bosses. Visitors who enter the website and your chatroom or click on your profile will never have access to your real name and address.
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