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How to keep my anonymity?

New camgirls are always worried about this issue: how to keep their anonymity? Not everyone leads a lifestyle or has a background that makes it possible to simply ignore any negative consequence of being a camgirl. It is essential that you are not recognised by people around you in your everyday life, such as family members, colleagues or bosses..

Visitors who enter the website and your chatroom or click on your profile will never have access to your real name and address. Your broadcast is anonymous in the sense that only your performer name will be indicated and become widely known. Only the owners of the service provider website will have access to your real name and address, and they will handle your personal data following strict regulations. This is necessary because the service provider needs to make absolutely sure that you are over 18 years of age and you are not impersonating somebody else. In addition, we also need your personal data in order to manage your commissions and payment so you can receive your earnings.

As a camgirl, your job is to show yourself in front of the camera, more or less dressed up. It is essential that you show your entire body and personality. As for hiding your face, it is a possibility to wear a mask, a wig, or heavy makeup, but neither is a perfect solution.

If you are worried about being found online by your friends, family and colleagues, it is understandable that you want to hide your face. You can never make completely sure. Masks, wigs and heavy makeup have the advantage that you may indeed become unrecognisable, on the other hand, data show that much fewer guests will actually enter your chatroom. Guests frequenting camgirl websites are now used to seeing faces and expect to see faces. A sexy body and outfit are of course exciting, but it will never make up for the lack of a smile, twinkle in the eyes and natural facial expressions. If your face is not visible or hidden behind a mask or makeup, then your guests may not like that you appear artificial, and before you know it, they will move on to another chatroom where the camgirl doesn’t have such reservations about showing off her face. Therefore, these days, you will hardly find a camgirl who wears a mask, wig, or heavy makeup.

If you broadcast internationally, there is an excellent solution to minimise the risk and keep your anonymity. It is possible to change your settings so that visitors from certain cities, regions or entire countries are blocked, meaning that from these areas neither your profile nor your chatroom is visible or accessible. In your profile, you may change your settings so that you block a whole country of your choice, e.g. Romania, meaning that nobody from Romania may see your profile or enter your chatroom: you are actually completely invisible for them. The disadvantage is that you will need to have at least a basic knowledge of English. Don’t panic - what you learnt at school will be enough with a little practice and time, and it is all going to come back.


You need to be determined if you want to be a camgirl. This is the only way to succeed in this job. If each and every time you sit in front of the camera you are terrified that somebody may recognise you, then you won’t be able to chat freely and get into action, and your guests will soon notice and leave you.

  • Your camgirl outfit

    Your camgirl outfit

    Your camgirl outfit
    Find the right clothes for you. In the beginning, you are surely going to ask, “But what should I wear for the camera? Do I have the right items or do I need to go on an expensive shopping tour?” Take care of your wallet! It is more than likely that you already have clothes that are perfectly suitable for a camgirl.
  • It’s a bright sunny day - get outdoors

    It’s a bright sunny day - get outdoors

    It’s a bright sunny day - get outdoors
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