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Tips and tricks for camgirls

Camgirls provide online erotic services: they chat on erotic web portals, broadcast live erotic shows, and sell photos and videos.

You can see very attractive offers when applications are invited for webcam chat and flirting. At first sight, it appears to be an easy career: flirt a bit with visitors in front of your webcam, and money pours in. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Real camgirl jobs are completely different. Of course, you need to chat and flirt with your visitors, and it is possible to make good money, but this is only part of the job. You need to keep in mind that in live broadcast you only need to go as far as you feel comfortable, and nothing is compulsory. It is up to you if you want to make the visitors’ wishes and desires come true.

To help you decide if this is the right career choice for you, here are a few important points about camgirl jobs, so consider this first impression and think it over carefully. You will only be successful if you understand and put the following advice into practice.

1. Be proud of your body and don’t be scared to show it all off, down to the smallest details, in front of the webcam.

Of course, there are visitors who only want to see you in sexy lingerie and flirt with you – but don’t be naive. After all the flirting, the men want to see you naked, and why not, if this is the way to make good money. Don’t be scared, just be prepared. If you are a camgirl, the webcam will show the naked truth. But to be successful, you need more. Camgirls also use accessories such as dildos and oil. If you are open to new experiences, and sex and erotics are not taboo for you, then you will not struggle with this job. Of course, every beginning is difficult. As you gain experience, time will actually fly and you will enjoy the job more and more. Give it a try even if you don’t have any previous experience. This is the only way to find out if it is for you.

2. Don’t hide, show your face!

Most visitors would like to see your face during chatting because this is what they are used to in everyday human communication. 99.9% of camgirls show their faces online as well. If you would like to keep your anonymity, there are ways to make it work. For example, heavy makeup will change your facial features completely, or you may even wear a good quality sexy wig that looks like real hair. There is also a feature to block certain regions or countries, for example, it is possible to adjust settings so that a girl from Veszprém is not visible for visitors from the same city. It is useful to have basic knowledge of English. Most of our visitors are Hungarian but you may get visitors anytime who speak a different language. Most camgirls didn’t really get beyond their high school English studies, but this is all right, most camgirls in the world don’t speak perfect English and we don’t have this expectation either. As you practice more and more, it will get easier. On our web portal, you are allowed to cover your face with a mask. But we have seen that most visitors dislike masks, because faces belong to human appearance. Girls wearing masks have less visitors in their chatrooms and therefore earn less. If you look around in other webcam portals, you will find that hardly any camgirl disguises herself completely.

3. Practice striptease and sexy moves!

Visitors don’t appreciate if a camgirl just throws herself back on a sofa wearing sexy lingerie. They will only return to you again and again if you seduce them right there and then via the webcam. You say you’ve never done striptease before? No problem, the more you practice, the better you will get, you only need a large mirror at home. Take a good look at yourself, and imagine what your visitors see on the other side of the webcam. Rule number one, don’t show too much too soon. Provoke his interest, arouse his fantasies gradually, because time is money for you. The longer you can keep him hanging by a thread, the more money you will make. However, striptease and sexy moves are only the foreplay. The longer you can keep your visitors in private chat, the more you will earn, but you need to show more and more to keep him there longer.

4. Don’t hold back, get on with the hot action!

Some visitors are satisfied when you flirt and get naked, chat, or smoke a cigarette together, but of course, they are not the majority. Most of them are interested in getting some hot action through the webcam. It is a good idea asking right at the start what he wishes and desires, so you can give him exactly what he really wants. Everyone has his own favorite toy, oils, foot fetish, etc, so you will need to satisfy many kinds of different wishes in front of the webcam. Don’t forget, no hurry, get him excited and aroused, slowly, gradually....

5. Sex toys

You will definitely need a few sex toys for your webcam shows. Nobody will refuse an attractive dildo show and you will surely have regular visitors to see some hot action. For beginners, a few toys are enough for a start. These are not cheap, but your earnings should be enough to save some money month by month, so you can buy new items regularly, and soon you will have a nice little collection to satisfy every kind of fantasy. You need to keep a few of them at hand during broadcast so you can stay right by the webcam while you get them. If you regularly interrupt your broadcast to dig up a toy, your visitor will lose interest by the time you come back.

6 . Sexy photos and videos

You will need a lot of sexy photos and videos to prepare your profile, because it will not even get activated if you don’t satisfy the requirements. 3 or 4 random photos from your laptop won’t do it. Many web portals require 40 or more good quality photos and several videos, and this is just the minimum. Fortunately, it is not difficult to make R-rated photos. Successful camgirls sell photos and videos through their profiles. Many can double their earnings from live broadcasts and chat this way, so it is useful to upload new photos and videos regularly. This way you can make money even when you are not online.

7 . Sexy outfits

Most girls have sexy clothes in their wardrobe. Men are attracted to good looks. so it is important to dress sexy for your broadcast. The first impressions will decide if he will chat with you at all, so you don’t want him to close the window and quit immediately, right? You need to be sexy but don’t show too much. Arouse his curiosity but leave lots for the imagination. The more pieces of clothing you need to take off, the longer you can keep him interested, and the more money you can earn. But of course we don’t mean a winter coat. If you don’t know what would work best, we would be happy to help. Similarly to toys, keep a few pieces ready at hand. If your visitor desires to see you in sexy nylon stockings, then you just grab them and his wish is granted while the clock is ticking.

8. Regular broadcasts

As a freelancer, you decide when you would like to broadcast, but you will only be successful if you are online regularly, so it won’t hurt to make some kind of timetable. If you take this advice, your regular visitors will know when to look for you online, when the next hot date is coming up. It won’t be enough to broadcast a few hours for a few times a week, because time spent online will also affect your ranking. The more you are online, the higher up your profile will pop up in the search. And the higher up you are, of course the more clicks you will get. If you don’t work often, there is also the danger that you lose interest. You lose rankings, you lose visitors, your earnings drop, and your motivation suffers. It is a good idea to keep broadcasting in the mornings, lunchtime and evenings as well. These times attract different types of visitors. There are peak times with more competition online, but there are more visitors as well. In our experience, of course, evenings are your best bet for good earnings.

9. Be polite but firm

You decide how far you would like to go. Your visitor may not force you to do something that you don’t want to do. If your visitor wants to overstep your boundaries, you need to let him know in a kind but firm manner that you refuse his wish. If he is pushy, you can tell him that he can easily find another camgirl who is more than happy to do what he desires. You are allowed to say no, and every camgirl says no sometimes.

These are the most important tips and tricks that may help you decide if you are interested in this job, and help you through the initial difficulties. If you have questions, we are always happy to help you.

  • How to keep my anonymity?

    How to keep my anonymity?

    How to keep my anonymity?
    New camgirls are always worried about this issue: how to keep their anonymity? Not everyone leads a lifestyle or has a background that makes it possible to simply ignore any negative consequence of being a camgirl. It is essential that you are not recognised by people around you in your everyday life, such as family members, colleagues or bosses. Visitors who enter the website and your chatroom or click on your profile will never have access to your real name and address.
  • Technical requirements

    Technical requirements

    Technical requirements
    What are the expectations about my computer and webcam for the camgirl job? Of course, you will need a computer or laptop for this job. The computer needs to have enough memory, at least 4 GB, or preferably more, otherwise image quality will be low, and the broadcast may simply freeze. This is actually very irritating, and your guests will disappear very fast. In addition, the processor needs to be dual or triple core (e.g. Intel i2) or higher (Intel i5, i7), which is not a huge investment.
  • During that time of the month

    During that time of the month

    During that time of the month
    No need to worry about losing days of work and income while you are on your period, as there are easy to use solutions for your problem. You won’t necessarily want to get into a hot vibrator show or similar broadcasts, as tampons or pads might be really disturbing or you can have painful abdominal cramps as a result.
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